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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's been too long since I sat down and wrote out an actual post. We have been overwhelmed and busy. I've been grieving, taking care of sick boys, working on my novel, helping create a wonderful new dream world for L, and adjusting to our new schedule. So here I am writing an actual post about all that has been going on in my life. I will write an opinionated post soon. I just have to figure out what topic I'm going to write on. I had one in my head and then it left me, I'm sure I'll find it again.

So, first things first. At the end of January/beginning of February we all got sick. Gabe & Lincoln got the horrible congestion & fever cold and I got the wonderful stomach flu. We each overlapped one another with being sick for about 3 weeks. It was not fun. We had to cancel a few plans. Gabe & I were so disappointed that we were unable to take Lincoln to the ERTH Dinosaur Zoo due to all of us being sick that day. We were so looking forward to taking Lincoln to his first show. But we knew it was best  that we stayed home and recuperated. I was so happy once we were all better.

mine & Lincoln's crocodile tattoos.
There were many times last month where I had to stop whatever I was doing just so I could cry. I cried a lot last month. I thought I had moved past the crying part of grieving for my friends' loss until last week. I read Lincoln a book called Sweep Dreams that reminded me of Croc. I had to hold back my tears as I read the book to him and I am beginning to tear up a little thinking about that book. It's such a sweet children's book and made me think of my friends' son so much. It's been two and half weeks since the memorial and my temporary crocodile tattoo is still holding up and I don't want it to ever fade away.

There were some happy moments for us last month. We celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday. I was glad that my brother and his fiance were able to join us. The three of them came over to our house and we had a big homemade dinner, all six of us in our tiny kitchen. It was fun and I'm happy for any time that I get to spend with my family. My brother & I enjoy sharing stories from our childhood and laughing about them with our dad. Lincoln enjoys any time he gets to spend with his Pop-Pop and Uncle Griffin. The evening they came over Lincoln & I both still had our crocodile tattoos and Lincoln was enjoying having a pretend tattoo. I then told him that his Aunt Kayla (my bro's fiance) had tattoos. She then proceeded to show Lincoln many of her tattoos and he was in awe and amazement over each one. He really liked the octopus tattoo she has and her heart tattoos. It was pretty cute.

Lincoln showing off his temporary Mater tattoo
We also attended a birthday party last month. It was our friends' son's 3rd birthday. They had it at this place that has a few of those bounce houses. Lincoln has never been a fan. But, we are following a new belief in our house. Love not fear. I told him that the bounce houses love it when little boys bounce in them and that's their job is to be bounced in. I went into the first bounce house and Gabe then handed Lincoln to me. He was not happy at first, but I held him and bounced and he soon saw that there was nothing to be afraid of. Very soon he was running all around and going in and out of all the bounce houses and having a blast. We all had so much fun. It was great to get out as a family and do something fun.

However, a few days after that party Lincoln contracted the same cold he had only just gotten over two weeks before. Luckily, he didn't have a fever this time. Just lots of congestion and coughing. So, for the past week I have been taking care of him. I got him a natural medicine that is supposed to help get rid of the cold symptoms instead of just suppressing them. It seems to have worked, it's only been a week and he's already doing so much better.

helping Daddy cook.
Gabe has been working at his new job for just over a month. We are doing good at adjusting to his new schedule and he has been so much happier lately. I'm still getting used to having to make more decisions when it comes to what Lincoln & I will do for the day and what I'm going to make for dinner. But I'm getting the hang of being more of a stay-at-home mom/housewife. I've been working on my book more and can finally see the end of hand-writing it in sight. Once I'm done with that I will finish typing it up. Then I will edit it and then figure out where I need to go from there. Our final thing that we did recently was create a new bed for Lincoln. This past Friday we went to the hardware store and purchased some PVC pipe and Gabe built a frame for Lincoln that looks like a house. We then put a sheet over it and it's a tent. Sunday night Lincoln decided he wanted to sleep in/under it. So, Gabe put down his old sleeping back and created a little bed for Lincoln. He slept all night and was very cozy. Yesterday evening we decided to get rid of Lincoln's bed frame since it was slightly broken and we moved his mattress and all of his stuffed animals into his tent and that's where he sleeps now. He loves and it's wonderful, I would have loved to have something like that when I was a kid. It's pretty cool and I still need to take pictures of it to post.

being creative.
So, that's what we've been up to lately. It seems like last month was a roller-coaster of emotions, immune system stability, and activities. I'm looking forward to what this month brings. We already have a playdate and zoo trip planned for this week. I've also been keeping up with taking Lincoln to the library once a week, which he is enjoying so much. He loves getting to pick out books and movies and come home and read his books with me and watch his movies with us. He's also getting close to being able to say the entire alphabet without our help. I've been doing a little bit of homeschool with him, but most of that is letting him be creative by drawing, painting, playing with his legos, and just playing in general.

And there you go, a really long but actual post from me. I will be sitting down soon and figuring out some topics to share my opinion on soon. I hope all of you had a good February and are enjoying life.

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