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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding a Topic

The past few days I have been trying to figure out a topic on which to write this entry about. I have tried writing 3 different blog entries, all on different topics. I'd get about halfway through writing an entry on a topic and feel that whatever I was trying to convey I wasn't doing a good job of it. I know I have only just started this blog, but I am feeling that I have to stay with in the subject (Overly Opinionated Mommy) and that seems hard at times. I started this blog so that I could share events in my life as a mother and my opinions on things that parents encounter in their lives as parents.

Today I was thinking about how I feel that I have lost my passion for a lot of things that I once had a strong opinion about. Maybe that's why I couldn't commit to writing an entry about one of the many topics I tried to write about. I'm also worried about offending someone that may read this (no one in particular, just some one in general). But then I have to remind myself that no matter what at least one person, if not more, is going to disagree with what I have to say and I didn't start blogging to try to please everyone. I started blogging because I felt it would help me in the fictional writing that I do and because I wanted to share my life and opinions as a mother and wife with those that choose to read these types of blogs.

At times I feel like I'm in school trying to write an essay that's perfect and will get me a good grade. I have to remember that that's not what I'm doing. I am not doing this to please others, I am doing this because it's what makes me happy. I'm somewhat new to the whole writing "thing". I have been working on a fictional novel for 4 years now and only recently has the end of it been in clear sight. I've always been worried about rejection and I have to learn that as a writer there will be lots of rejection. Not everyone is going to enjoy the things I have to say and the kind of writing that I do.

So, after saying all of that I will share with you the topics that I tried to write about.

I first tried to write about the different ways women labor and give birth and that every woman that chooses to have a baby brings that child into the world differently. I wanted to write about it because it was once something I was very passionate about. I am and always will be a strong advocate for natural drug-free birth. I understand that not every woman can do this, because sometimes there are medical reasons that you may have to go to a hospital to give birth and there may be a medical reason that you have to have a c-section. I am very much against having an unnecessary c-section and I feel that doctors encourage women to have this procedure done much more often than it should be. If you are healthy and have had a "normal" pregnancy and your baby is healthy then you can have a natural drug-free birth. The reason I am against taking drugs such as pitocin and getting an epidural during your labor is because these things can be harmful to your baby and to yourself. When Lincoln was 7 months old one of Gabe's best friends and his wife had their son. They ended up having to have a c-section and I was very upset about this at the time. I felt that they were forcing their child into the world before he was ready. She decided to get induced because she was 3 days past her due date. She ended up getting a fever because of how the doctor induced her and so, she ended up having to get a c-section for this reason. In my opinion, this is not the way to go about bring a child into the world when you have had a normal and healthy pregnancy and when you are completely healthy and your child is completely healthy. I used to feel very strongly about this, until I started educating myself more about childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. I learned that every woman chooses a different way to bring her child into the world and the majority of women ultimately end up choosing what they feel works for them and what they feel is right for them. It's the same thing when it comes to raising and caring for a child. When it came time for me to choose how I wanted to give birth I chose giving birth at a free-standing birth center and I had a water birth. It was a natural drug-free birth and it was wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing about it. One of these days I will share my birth story here.

The second topic I tried to write about was my son and how he has been very defiant lately. He has been enjoying telling us no when we ask him to do something or not to do something. I got, maybe, a quarter of a way into writing a blog entry on this topic and then thought that I would be putting Lincoln in a bad light and I didn't really know what kind of point/opinion I was trying to get across when it came to children telling their parents no. Lincoln is a very well behaved child the majority of the time (and I'm not just saying that because he's my child) and every child has their good days and their bad days. If you are a parent reading this then you understand children not always being in a good mood and not always wanting to listen to us as parents. We all know that when we were children we did this to our parents and we pushed the boundaries to see how far we could go before we got in trouble. Every child must test their parents, I believe, to see how far they can go. I do not know why children do this, I don't even know why I did it. Some children, I think, do it to get attention and maybe others do it because that is part of their personality developing. Whatever the reason, I think the majority of children go through this phase and I think that the majority of us adults have gone through the defiance phase and some of us as adults are still defiant when it comes to certain things.

I cannot even remember the third topic I tried to write on. This is probably because it was so late at night and maybe that's the other reason I couldn't commit to a topic or figure out a way to write out my opinion on a topic. After thinking all this over I have now successfully (at least in my opinion) written a blog entry on two topics. I feel really good having written this all out and feel that I can continue to write more blog entries and not feel that the whole world will reject me. There's bound to be some people out there that will enjoy reading this and if there aren't, then so be it. For those of you that do choose to read this, Enjoy!

Blogly Question(s):

What are your opinions on the topics I have discussed?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Other Parent That You Just Can't Stand....

I go to a weekly Mommy Group as I said in my last post. The majority of us mothers there are of like mindedness when it comes to how we raise and care for our children. I have also come to learn since becoming a mother that everyone raises and cares for their child/children differently. No two parents are exactly alike. Even sometimes couples don't parent exactly like the other one in the relationship, which can cause some problems and friction within a relationship. But we also have to realize that within a relationship or just between friends everyone is a different person and everyone's beliefs and viewpoints are different.

I have come to learn in the past couple of years not to judge other parents, because they're doing what works for them. And if that's what works for them and their children are happy and healthy then there is no need to judge and say how I don't feel or think they're parenting the right way.


You know that parent, just that one, that doesn't quite fit in with the group of mothers/fathers/parents that you hang out with. You know which one I'm talking about. The one whose children are out of control and seem to be ruining the other children's playtime. The one who is always bringing their own personal drama around you. The one who thinks they know everything about parenting and that their way is the only way to parent. The one who gives tons of unsolicited advice, but then when they ask for advice they don't really listen or take it. I've met one of these parents that I just can't stand. When they're around they just rub me the wrong way. All I can do when they are around is smile and say hi and act cordial towards them.

I just wonder why there always seems to be that one parent that you just can't stand. That their views on child-rearing are so far opposite of yours that you're getting to the point where you just might voice your opinion on how you feel that they might be doing something wrong as a parent or parenting the "wrong way". Even though all of us know there is no "wrong way" or "right way" to parent (except when it comes to child abuse, then you are obviously parenting the wrong way). There are all different styles and parenting and they all work.

I was raised very differently from how I am raising my son and they same goes for my husband. We have found a balance in-between how his parents raised him and how my parents raised me and it works for us. Just like how my friends raise all their children differently and it obviously works for their family. See, at the moms group we know this and we have taught one another this and talked about it in great detail.

So, the next time you encounter a parent that doesn't raise their children the same as you or similar to you just remember we're all different in so many ways and unless that child appears to be neglected or abused in some way there is no reason to say anything. Only offer advice when asked for it, because I'm sure that we all remember how much we hated getting unsolicited advice when we became parents (and still get it sometimes now, even though our children are no longer babies). And when you cross paths with that ONE parent that you just cannot stand in the least I'd say do the same thing. I'm sure there will always be that one parent and you don't have to be friends with them, but you also don't have to be rude. I have learned this since becoming a mother and I am glad that I have learned how to push these opinions aside and put on my best fake smile and say "that's nice" and then be on my way (my wonderful mother-in-law also taught me this) when interacting with a mother that I don't really care for.

When it all comes down to it this parent, that drives me crazy, obviously doesn't parent in any way similar to how I do. But how they parent is working for them and their family. Their personality is what really bothers me, it doesn't have anything to do with their parenting style. But maybe they need to talk out their personal problems with everyone so that they can learn how to deal with it and see if anyone has any advice for them. This is the only way this person knows how to be and I'm not going to change how someone is, even if they do annoy me. Just like when it comes to raising our children. In life we are all just doing what works for us.

To all of you out there that our reading this I hope you are enjoying it so far and I look forward to sharing more with you all. Below I have started asking a question or questions, I am calling them the Blogly Question(s), like weekly or daily but blogly. Because at this point I'm not sure if I will have daily posts, but they'll be more often than weekly. Okay, enjoy!

Blogly Question(s):

Have any of you ever had that one parent that you just can't stand?   How have you dealt with it?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi all! My name is Summer and this is my blog. I am the mother to a wonderful little guy named Lincoln. He is 3 years old and I love him to pieces. I've been married to my husband, Gabe, for just over 5 years. We love each other lots and have struggles just like any other couple. We also have a lot of good times and the three of us together always have so much fun.
I'm currently a stay-at-home mom, aspiring writer, and personal assistant. I love everything that I do and have fun doing it, most of the time.
We live in Wine Country and love it here. Not because of the wine, but because it is a beautiful place to live. I'm originally from Seattle, WA. In 2004 after I graduated high school my mom moved our whole family down here to good ol' California. I hated it at first because I wasn't used to it and it was new and I didn't have any friends. Now I love it and I will never move back to Seattle and we have agreed that we will never live in a big city. Country living is so nice and relaxing and clean. 
I am starting this blog to help me with my writing, to voice my opinion on so many different things, and to let you all look through a window at our adventures.
Right now our current adventure entails getting over a cold during hot summer weather. I've gotten a cold during the summer months before, my husband on the other hand was a bit upset that we all got sick this time of year. Actually, I think he gets a little upset whenever any of us get sick anytime of the year. We know we got it from the weekly Mommy Group I take Lincoln to. We don't who at the group gave it to us, but I started coming down with this cold the evening after going to Mommy Group. Someone at the group was probably coming down with it when they came to group and probably just thought it was bad allergies. Oh well, we are all now at the very end of it and almost completely over it.
You're probably wondering about the name of this blog, huh? Well, I am a very opinionated person. I think most women are, especially mothers. For some reason when you become a mother you have so many more opinions about things you didn't before you had children. Or maybe that's just how us "granola" NorCal moms are. Anyway, Gabe is always telling me that I am overly opinionated and he also wishes I would keep a lot of my opinions to myself and also keep my big mouth shut. When I'm around a group of people I tend to have "word vomit" (I believe that's the technical/medical term for it) from time to time. I also enjoy sharing my mommy opinions. Lucky for me I have found a group of mothers that share many of the same views on parenting and what-not with one another. For the most part we all agree with one another on many different parenting techniques and we even get advice from one another when we're not sure how to tackle certain issues with our children. We also enjoy voicing our opinions to one another on things that are happening in our world, country, and media. I know that there are many others out there like myself and my mommy friends and perhaps you enjoy reading other's opinions on different things.
So, there it is for you. My intro to myself and what this blog will, mostly, be about. Hope you all enjoy it, if you so choose to read it. When voicing my opinions here I will remain tactful and hope that I do not offend anyone or step over any lines and all that jazz. This is just a fun blog for a mommy to be herself and for all of you mommy's (and daddy's and non-mommy's) to maybe get a laugh or a new view on something. Enjoy!!!