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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Helping Out Friends

So, about a month ago I posted about my friends and their 3-year-old son who has leukemia. I also mentioned that the mommy group we are apart of was putting together a fundraiser for them. Well, we had the fundraiser this past Saturday and it went splendid. We raised a very large amount of money and we put together a great event. During the planning of this fundraiser I blogged a couple times about my stress and frustration. After thinking it over I felt that I should clarify a bit. I wasn't upset with having to help in putting this event together, I volunteered to help. It's just that some times we all need to vent. I just felt at times that there was so lack of communication, which was totally on my part as well as other peoples. I also think that some of the stress & frustration came from the fact that this is the most I can do to help these friends of mine. I cannot magically cure their son or make it so cancer doesn't exist at all. I can't make any of this go away for them and I wish I could. I wish that no child ever had to go through this, that no family ever had to go through this. I wish that things like cancer didn't exist, as I'm sure many of you do too. I was stressed & frustrated during the planning of this great event because I felt that I was failing at my tasks and I didn't want to fail my friends. Here I was doing the most I could for my friends and their son and I felt like I was failing at it. And that made me feeling like I was failing them in a way. I love all of my friends very dearly and I never want to see anything bad happen to them. But the fact of the matter is that some times bad things do happen to those we love and care for. If I could I would make it so nothing bad happened to anyone ever. No one deserves to go through things like this. Yet it happens and we do all that we can for those that we love & care about when they are going through things like this. But none of us can do the one thing we all want to do, which is take away the bad thing. But, I think it is good if our friends that are going through bad times or dealing with an illness know that they have friends like myself and the rest of our mommy group that is here supporting them & praying for them & constantly sending them healing & loving thoughts and is willing to work hard at putting together a fundraiser for them. If they know that there is a community here pulling together doing all that they can in their time of need then that is the best we can do and it's a wonderful thing that we are able to do this for our friends.

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